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Alongside CBT, I take an integrative approach to wellbeing that incorporates nutritional psychology, exercise and mindfulness based techniques.

Considering psychological health in the context of nutritional needs and deficiencies is an important piece of the puzzle when assessing a person as an integrated whole. Scientifically-based understanding of how nutritional intake impacts on mood, stress tolerance, inflammation, energy, sleep, cognition, medication needs, and behavioral dysfunction, can help identify which natural foods substances can be used to increase neurotransmitter production and relieve certain psychological symptoms arising from such nutrition-based dietary deficiencies.

In addition to the benefits of improved nutrition, exercise too can help lower anxiety and help lift mood. Exercise is actually shown to increase feel-good brain chemicals and helps to prevent and improve a number of physical and psychological health problems and can be incorporated into a programme of CBT.

Mindfulness based CBT is also used to help improve mood issues and promote wellness. Mindfulness helps to halt the escalation of negative thoughts and teaches you to focus on the present moment, rather than reliving the past or pre-living the future. It helps develop a person’s willingness to experience negative emotions, thoughts and sensations without battling with them. When people practice mindfulness meditation for any length of time, a number of qualities of their experience change. People are more able to see clearly and gain freedom from their own emotional patterns and habits and become freer to be more compassionate to themselves and to others.